Approximately 80% of all Keyword 'Bitcoin' DNs are NOT .COM.


  • FACT: .CN is the ONLY extension to rival .COM coming in as #2 in sales above .net .io .org ect.


"The company sells its bitcoin ATMs online, with models selling for as much as $9,499. General Bytes said in a press release in April 2018 that it had sold more than 1,500 bitcoin ATMs worldwide, though Coin ATM Radar puts the number at 850. U.S.-based Genesis Coin has installed its own bitcoin ATMs in 1,065 locations.May 31, 2018" Source: CNBC



  • Registrar 'push' to, the safest resgistrar us the world.
  • Domain was aquired in 2017 and registered along with that SOLD for $50,0000 USD The buyer communicated they knew the .com was only $895, but the .org was that entities choice. Supportive emails still exist. It is still unsold as most Bitcoin company are going for newer extensions. Supported by the
  • Buyer is resposible for all yearly renewal rates and fees as legal registrant
  • By purchashing your are commiting to the final sale terms.
  • Must authenticate identity or deal is void (terminated).
  • Any payment available approved.
  • Once payment has cleared domain names will be pushed your account.

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