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Approximately 80% of all Keyword 'Bitcoin' Sales are NOT .COM.


  • Uniregirty.com Broker contacted me for BitcoinBanks.io for $15k. Rupii found a better buyer, a client. Brokers are searching widely for Bitcoin Bank domains simple evolution of the currency. Now there are over 16,000 Bitcoin ATMs. 2016 in the USA there were 660. Google the nearest one to you and be in shock.
  • BitcoinCashBank.org is far superior as it is singular and having the BitcoinCash.org $50k sale.
  • Registrar 'push' to GoDaddy.com, the safest registrar us the world.
  • Buyer is responsible for all yearly renewal rates and fees as legal registrant
  • By purchasing your are committing to the final sale terms.
  • Must authenticate identity or deal is void (terminated).