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🏆 Elite CRISPR Gene Editing Top-Level Domain Name

★ cas9.me  (domain to visit)

cas9 explained: TEDMayo Clinic Source:YouTube 

• Parked at Uniregistry Revenue $78 /month (attached).

• Cas9.me Google® 4,480,000 search results (See Google cas9.me at the top of results & click)

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Short Veritfied .ME Sales:


  450,000 USD

buy.me     148,350 USD 
interest.me  80,000 USD
date.me       70,000 USD
business.me 54,800 USD
app.me         50,000 USD
join.me          45,000 USD
sponsor.me   34,000 USD
love.me         32,000 USD
girl.me           30,000 USD
mox.me         29,999 USD
hugg.me        25,001 USD


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