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  • Elite Premium ccTop-Level Domain: Cellular.mx

    Oxford Dictionary Word: Cellular 




    1. relating to or consisting of living cells.

    "cellular proliferation"  [see Rupii.com's Proliferious.com]

    * 2. denoting or relating to a Mobile Telephone System that uses a number of short-range radio stations to cover the area that it serves, the signal being automatically switched from one station to another as the user travels about.

    3. (of a fabric item, such as a blanket or vest) knitted so as to form holes or hollows that trap air and provide extra insulation.

    4. consisting of small compartments or rooms.

        "cellular accommodations"


    mid 18th century: from French cellulaire, from modern Latin cellularis, from cellula ‘little chamber’, diminutive of cella .


    • There are different cell phone companies operating in Mexico.

    • The largest company and the one with the most extensive coverage across the country is Telcel, but you may find that Movistar or Iusacell or another company offers cheaper options. 


    • Uses: Cellular Network Mexico, Cellular Message eXpress (APP), Dominate the Cellular industry by using and Redirecting domain website Traffic & Revenue to existing homesite or new company to scale the competition (all cellular company's should have strong domain portfolios to capture ALL online type-in browser traffic increasing Revenue Tremendously [i.e type in Cingular.com, BellSouth.com, SouthernBell.com (not limited to & find yourself at ATT.com

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